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Black Weirdo of the Week #34: Trae Harris
Name: Trae Harris

From: Baltimore, MD

Performance artist and writer currently living in NYC, making my mark on the omnivores one utterance at a time! Travel, witchcraft and the esoteric ritual are my interest!

What is your craft/career/creative expression?
My craft is performance: acting, dance and poetry! I work as an actress and thankfully this is my only job now!!

How long have you been working at your craft?
I began dancing at the age of 4 but have officially been pursuing my craft for about 15 years!! I always knew exctly what I wanted to do!! 

Why do you consider yourself a Black Weirdo?
I mean, ppl have called me a weirdo and I am black but I dont think I ever actually called myself that lol!!! BUT I suppose being the only artist in my military corporate family automatically kinda makes me a weirdo!!!  

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by reading and traveling, also certain smells really inspire me! Aromatherapy saved my life lol 

Who is your weird black muse?
Ummm lol, I don’t really muse its so weird to me lol… But my fiancé Dynasty Ogun (of L’Enchantuer) has been a HUGE inspiration for my writing! Plus she is super talented in hella ways AND shes gorgeously handsome AND she is sooo Brooklyn which I love… Yea I guess she is totally my life muse!

Links/Social Media: 
IG: @gypsybruja
TWITTER: @gypsybruja
FB: Trae Harris 
Upcoming events/ projects?
im guest starring in the first episode of Orange is the New Black!! Starring in an off broadway play entitled And I and Silence which runs in August!! Working on a few webseries! Still completing my poetry book and album! WitchesBrew/Pagan Gospel collaborations with my best friend Josiah Wise the SERPENTWITHFEET ANDDD continuing to grow my line of aromatheraphy oils, hoping to get in some stores soon!!
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A Queen who captures Queens. This is the latest work by Photographer Delphine Diallo. LtoR: Soull Ogun : Dynasty Ogun : Trae Harris : Sasha & Sable Boykin : Raye 6 : Athina Elaiya : Mengly : Melinda : Lionbabe 

La Familia Negro:: Mount Olympus:: Edited by @raye6 #seeingdouble #witchesbrew #wildwomen #nagaland #nymph #nyfw
Captured by the legendary @dustinpop on the streets during #nyfw Givin you Good Witch #wildwomen #witchesbrew #nagaland #nymph #babyhair
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Flashback to the amazing presentation by Thaddeus O’Neill yesterday that featured none other than the savior @serpentwithfeet #nyfw #witchesbrew #wildwomen #nagaland #nymph
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The Power of Women:: Thank you @delphinediallo for the privledge and thank you @soullogun @dynastyogun @saysable @chachhere @raye6 @athinaelaiya @missmengly @melindaelvenes @lionbabex (in inorder according to photo cause i kno yall wanna follow these amazing goddess’) Thank you to these women for sharing all ur energy, love and fierce determination to be successful and pioneers!! This is Legendary!!! #witchesbrew #wildwomen #nagaland #nymph #delphinediallo #women #womenofcolor #sisters #fashion #blackfashion