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Just a little preview from my collaboration with Sublime Dime… Stay tuned

I am not anti-social, I am selectively social. 

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Best hairflip of all time tbh.
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kzula said: Any good reads(books) you'd recommend....or anything you're currently reading at the moment?

peace, im currently reviewing my favorite classics:
1. Women Who Run With The Wolves
2. The 13 Original Clan Mothers
3. The Actor Prepares

Anonymous said: Ma'am what is your hair regimen? Your hair is soooo flawless, you rock it like hell.

Peace, i am making a post about hair asap!! Stay tuned my love 💋



Join Janet Mock and Elixher for a live, intimate conversation about Elixher’s powerful new issue: “Baring Our Truths: Reclaiming Our Bodies + Narratives.” We’ll be on-air with editor Kimberley McLeod and Black queer women storytellers, Kim Katrin Crosby, Mia McKenzie, and Tiona McClodden, each of whom are featured in the magazine. 
WATCH ONLINE Thursday, April 24 - 3pm EST
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